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GODSON, ROY: Files, 1982-1988


Consultant to the National Security Council and to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1982-1988


Rod Godson has been a professor of government at Georgetown University since 1969.  He is the author of over 20 books many of which deal with intelligence and security issues.  Professor Godson is also president of the National Strategy Information Center, a nongovernmental educational organization devoted to the enhancement and preservation of democracy.  


Professor Godson became a consultant to the NSC and to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) in 1982.  Prior to becoming a consultant with the Reagan administration, Professor Godson worked with the Reagan-Bush Transition.


RAC Box 001-Godson (Box 92456)

[Background Material re Soviet Leadership] (1)(2)

Collection Tasking (1)-(3)

[Counterintelligence] (1)-(10)

Current Projects: AFL/CIO

Current Projects: [Counterintelligence]

Current Projects: Grenada Documents

Current Projects: [Intelligence Community]

Current Projects: [Institute of Human Rise]

Current Projects:  Jamaica

Current Projects: [Stanislav Levchenko]

Current Projects: [Mexico – handwritten notes]

Current Projects: [Military Intelligence Summary – North Korea]

Current Projects: [NSSD 4-83:  U.S. Strategy Towards Liberia]

Current Projects: [USSR]

Current Projects: A View of the Future (1)(2)

Current Projects [Western Europe]

[Grenada Documents:  An Overview and Selection]

[Law, Intelligence and National Security Workshop]

[Meeting with IPC (Intelligence Producers Council) Staff re NTS (National Intelligence

            Topics) 01/05/1984]

National Intelligence Topics (1)-(8)

National Intelligence Topics:  NITS (National Intelligence Topics) Action 02/24/1984

Project for Admiral Poindexter

Soviet Active Measures/Summit Game

[Trends Affecting U.S. Security Interests in the Next Decade, and Associated DIA

            Requirements:  An Exploratory Study] (1)-(3)

[USSR Space-Based Energy Systems]