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HILL, KENNETH JOHN: Files, 1981-1984


Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff: White House Staff Liaison and Federal Security Coordinator for the 1984 Summer Olympics, 1983-84. 3.1 ft.


Kenneth J. Hill (born 1946) was a Department of State foreign service officer who was detailed to the White House in July 1983, to coordinate all Federal involvement in security for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He reported to Michael Deaver, the Deputy Chief of Staff who was the Presidential liaison to the Olympics, and who had picked Hill for the Security Coordinator post. Hill’s qualifications for this position included past work in counterterrorism, law enforcement, embassy and consulate security, and protection of government dignitaries.


Hill ensured the involvement and coordination of the various Federal agencies involved in Olympic security, and monitored the Department of Defense’s ongoing expenditures for Olympic security and law enforcement. He provided regular “Olympic Security Briefings” to Deaver and Deaver’s assistants, and testified on Olympic security before Congressional committees. He maintained daily contact with the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC), the private organization which ran the 1984 Summer Olympics. He also served on the Olympic Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (OLECC) with representatives from the LAOOC and Los Angeles-area law enforcement.


After Hill left the Olympics security position in December 1984, he served on the 1985 Inaugural Committee, did trip advance work for Nancy Reagan and George Bush, was a nominee for the National Transportation Safety Board (until his nomination was withdrawn), and worked in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Interestingly, he remained a detailee from the Department of State through all these positions, until he resumed work in the State Department in August 1986.


This collection pertains only to Hill’s work as Federal Security Coordinator for the Olympics. It includes: Hill’s Olympic Security Briefings; reports and correspondence involving federal agencies, Los Angeles-area law enforcement, the LAOOC and other private organizations, and the general public; memos involving Hill, Deaver, and others in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff; Congressional testimony; and news reports and articles. Topics include the roles of federal and local agencies involved with the Olympics, federal expenditures for Olympics security and other Olympics support, the participation of the USSR and sub-Sahara Africa in the Olympics, emergency planning for events such as terrorist acts and defections from Communist countries, White House contacts with the LAOOC, meetings of the OLECC, and meetings of the Security Planning Committee (SPC) that reported to the OLECC. Some documents date from prior to Hill’s arrival at the White House, or were produced by others in the Deputy Chief of Staff office, but were incorporated into Hill’s files in the course of his work.



Box 1



African Participation 


Ban The Soviets Coalition 

Beckwith, Charles (SAS) (1)-(3) 

Budget (1)-(5)  

Budget: Olympic Related Funding (1)(2) 


C.I.A. Briefing from K. Hill – Secret – Wick USIA 


Box 2


[Command Tactics and Planning – Class Schedule] 

[Communications Regarding Foreign Countries] 

[Communications with the International Olympic Committee]              


Convention / Olympics  


Correspondence – Incoming (1)-(4) 

Correspondence – Outgoing (1)(2) 

Correspondence: Soviet Participation In Olympic Games 

[Deaver and McManus, Memos to] 

Deaver Memos I (1)(2) 

[Deaver Memos II] 


Box 3

[Deaver Memos III] 

Emergency Response Plans 

Department of Energy 

(FAA) Federal Aviation Admin. (1)-(3) 


FEMA (1)-(3) 

Federal Government Department Representatives   

Federal Planning – Olympics Powis Report [Robert E. Powis, Department of the Treasury] (1)(2) 

Federal Support  

Firearms Subcommittee 

General Correspondence MKD Incoming (1)(2)  


Box 4

Immigration (INS)  


Inter-Agency Task Force On The Olympics 

International Olympic Committee  

JSOC Joint Special Operations Command 

Judiciary Committee: House (1)(2) 


LA Fire Dept. Report On Olympic Planning  

The Los Angeles Olympic Committee  

Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee LAOOC 

Map of Los Angeles and Vicinity / Olympic Charter 1978 / Statement of Peter V. Ueberroth, Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, to House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce

Maps (Sites)


Memos to the File 

[Military Support] 

Montreal Olympics  

J. Moorhead Memo to McManus  

Newsclips (1)-(4)


     Box 5

Newsclips (5)  

Newsletter: East Coast Office LAOOC 

[1976 Olympics] 

1984 Olympic Ticket Requests  

[NSDD 30] 

Olympic Charter

Olympic Event – G. Allen  

Olympic Information: General (1)(2)  

[Olympic Law Enforcement Coordinating Council Meeting 3/4/83]

Olympic Law Enforcement Coordination Council (OLECC) Meeting (Minutes) (1)(2) 

Olympic Legislative / Hill Activities  

Olympic News 

Olympic Security  

Olympic Security File (Charlie Beckwith)  

[Olympic Torch]  

Olympic Update 

Olympics – Check-off Act of 1983  


PCFS [President's Council On Physical Fitness and Sports] and Olympics 


     Box 6

     Photo Ops  

[Pilot Information]  

Post Event / Olympics Tribute To Medal Winners   


Presidential Correspondence 

Presidential Participation in the Olympics 

Press (1)(2)  


Radio Free Europe (RFE) / Radio Liberty (RL) (1)(2)

[Recommended Sites] 


Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1984 Winter Olympics

[SAS of Texas, Ltd.] 

Scheduling / William Sadleir (1)-(3)  

Seal Beach  

Soviet Requests for Olympics (1)(2)


     Box 7          

Soviet Requests for Olympics (3)(4)

[Soviets – Aeroflot and Gruziya]          

Soviets: Aeroflot Planes & Gruzia [Gruziya] Ship 

[Soviets – Participation in Olympics] 

SPC [Security Planning Committee] Meetings (minutes) (1)-(3) 

SPC Requests (1)-(3)  

[State Department Final Report re Summer Olympics] 

State Dept./Soviet Participation (1)(2)  


     Box 8

Subcommittee: Commerce, Transportation and Tourism (Cong. Florio)  

Subcommittee: Security / Terrorism (Senator Denton) (1)(2) 


[Terrorism: Intergovernmental Group on Terrorism, 11/7/83 Meeting] 

Torchlight III (1)(2)  

Travel Information   

Trip: Ft. Bragg 9/16/83

Trip: Ottawa  

Ueberroth /MKD [Michael K. Deaver] Correspondence  

[U.S. Postal Service]  

Video Mapping

[VIP Attendees]