A primary category containing information pertaining to superintending and managing the national finance, including collections, disbursements and accounting; taxation; credit and loans; federal budget; securities, investments and related finance subjects.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                               Description


FI                                             Finance


FI001                                      Accounting – Audits


FI001-01                                Collections – Receipts – User Fees


FI001-02                                Disbursements – Expenditures


FI001-03                                Irregularities, Financial


FI002                                      Banks – Banking


FI003                                      Bonds – Stocks – Investments


FI004                                      Budget – Appropriations


FI004-01                                Allocations


FI004-02                                Estimates, Budget


FI005                                      Credit – Loans


FI005-01                                Agricultural Loans


FI005-02                                Housing, Loans


FI005-03                                Schools – Student Teacher


FI005-04                                Finance: Small Business Loans   (3.2 ft.; boxes 1-8)

A subject category containing correspondence primarily from the general public regarding procurement of small business loans, payments, and eligibility.


FI005-05                                Transportation Loans


FI006                                      Funds – Accounts


FI007                                      Interest Rates

Largely correspondence and memos from the public and Congress regarding interest rate policy in general, and setting interest rates in particular.


FI008                                      Monetary Systems

Memos and correspondence relating to U.S. monetary systems, including such topics as commemorative coins; proposed changes to U.S. money’s design and makeup, gold standard issues, and international money and trade issues (e.g. European common currency, the value of the Japanese yen).


FI009                                      Public Debt


FI010                                      Taxation


FI010-01                                Excise Tax – Estate – Gift – Excess Profit


FI010-02                                Income Tax


FI010-03                                Real Estate Tax – Personal Property


FI010-04                                Sales Tax